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Why List Your Business With Us?

Imagine what life would be like if your customers could see your booking diary - see what dates are already booked and see what dates are available. You could spend your time converting available dates into bookings. Profits would go up, lost time would go down and your venue would be buzzing! List your venue with Our Wedding Date and feel the difference.

  • Increase profits with qualified leads

    Our simple calendar system allows you to update your availability in minutes. 'When couples search by their preferred date they can see immediately if your venue is available and will get in touch about specific dates. Qualified leads like these more often lead to solid bookings saving you time and increasing your profits.

  • Stand out with your own dedicated page

    Stand apart from the competition with your own dedicated page. Edit it as and when you choose to keep it fresh. Include beautiful photographs, downloadable brochures, links to your own website and social media pages, special offers - your page, your content, your choice.

  • Track results with powerful analytics

    Find out what's working for you and what isn't with monthly analytics reports. Assess how customers are interacting with your page compared to the rest of the site. Alter and adjust your page to increase your traffic and secure more leads.

  • Maximise your exposure

    We believe in keeping the focus on you and your venue. Clean, simple, user-friendly design with no competing advertising - that's our philosophy. Why? Because it gives you maximum exposure and increased, qualified enquiries.

  • One simple annual fee

    Budget up-front with one all-inclusive annual fee.

How It Works

  • Step 1 - Create your listing

    Create your listing

    Simply enter your details. You can include your web address, social media links, advertising text, photographs, brochures, menus, any special events or offers - anything you wish to feature. This can be edited at any stage.

  • Update your calendar

    Step 2 - Update your calendar

    Take a minute to mark up your availability. This will let customers see immediately when you are free.

  • Follow up on your leads

    Step 3 - Follow-up on your leads

    We send all of your enquiries directly to your inbox. That way you can follow-up on them straightaway! (We understand it's easy to miss something when your inbox gets full. That's why we also store all your leads on our system. Find them in your account.)

  • Track your performance

    Step 4 - Track your performance

    Use our monthly traffic and performance analytics to help you manage your listing and increase your leads.

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Only $749 per annum
– less than $15 per week!

  • Dedicated full page listing
  • Unlimited leads and enquiries
  • Receive enquiries straight to your inbox
  • Monthly analytics reports
  • Promote your special offers and events
  • Opportunity to feature on our home page

Register your interest today! We will be in touch to answer any questions you may have about Our Wedding Date.

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